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Super Power Coating Master is a specially formulated waterproofing primer. It is good for water alkali resistance, it is a primer for plastering that closes to moisture from inside the video and preserves the brightness of the color. It can be used as a primer on all types of cement, plastering, and concrete, its specially designed planning to ensure the architecture of the topcoat ensures a perfect bond between the topcoat and the primer.

Areas of Use: Super Power Coading Master can be used inside and outside. The area to be Coading must be cleaned and dried. Unnecessary dust-sand, oil, mobile or moss should be thoroughly cleaned.

How to use: Brush/roller. Super Power Coating Master mixed with clean water (1:1) for inside and (50-100) parts for outside as a primary coat before application of paint/color.

Note: 1 liter of water: 1 liter of Super Power Coating Master dry for 6 hours to get good faller for next success.

Caution: Do not use the water Meshing Super Power Coating Master for longer than 12 hours.